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Ways to Choose Perfect French Manicure Set

A french manicure gives a clean, beautiful and classic look with a minimal amount of work. Once a salon staple, now this manicure can be done at home, saving money also the time it eats to visit a salon. When in different components of this manicure can be brought separately, it is less expensive and more convenient to buy a manicure kit set. A buyer should remember that a best manicure set should have everything needed to fulfil the manicure process and have a top coat colour that is complementary to the user’s skin tone. So it is better to buy a full kit of a French manicure and also it is vital to choose the right one who can give you every essential component which you will need at the time of manicure.
The supplies required for a French manicure include a base coat, a tinted sheer for the top coat and an opaque white polish for the nails tips. Nails are painted with the base coat to give a surface for white polish to cling to, and after that, the white is painted on the tips of the nails. After giving the nails some time for drying, the full nail is coated with sheer, tinted polish. Some french sets come with a clear top coat that helps to protect the finish also contribute to seal it. Many people use the base coat as a protective sealer instead.
Dip Powders

The ultimate set will include the items needed to complete the full process. The best quality kits often include stick on guides for perfecting the look of the tips of the nails. The white tip part of the nail is often the most complicated part of developing. The stick on guides helps the user make an exact line every time. A good quality french manicure set may come with a white polish pen, destroying the need for guides entirely. A polish pen releases only a line of polish at a time and also it is easier to control.

Consider choosing a manicure set that comes entirely with the supplies essential and with some simple nail care tools like files and buffers if you do not have massive nail supplies on hand. For those people who has the basic nail care supplies on hand, a french manicure set with just the polish components and guides will be the best value. But a user should remember that the basic nail care tools are also critical to make their nails classic. So when it is the time to choose the best french set, it is important to give focus on the essential nail care components are available or not with the kit.

The most important thing is that a user has to remember that, even the best french manicure set would not help if the application procedure is rushed. Every coat should be allowed to dry thoroughly before using the next polish. A manicure result will be lumpy, bumpy nails. Particular care and concentration should be taken with the white tip coat to ensure a smooth line as well as good looking nails. As we all know that practice makes us perfect, so practising on the non-dominant hand first will surely help the starters learn to complete a French manicure.

Beauty Tips for Women 40+

True beauty is ageless. But women who think that they are losing their beauty after the age of 40, need not worry, because this article shall provide them some wonderful tips that would retain their charm and beauty forever. It’s normal for a woman to develop faint lines on her face with the passage of time or to feel that the skin is losing the tautness after the age of 40. Furthermore, the bright glow of young age almost becomes faint and the typical signs of aging gradually gain prominence. Thus, a beauty care regimen becomes essential to eliminate these problems.

Tips for Staying Beautiful After 40

Apart from taking care of skin and hair, one should be more conscious of one’s diet, and engage in regular exercises to control body weight. After 40 all these problems are more likely to grip a woman because she prepares herself for menopause. Thus, a little bit of care proves beneficial to keep up your appearance and look younger and fresh.

  • It’s natural to be concerned about the appearance of your face because it’s the first thing that creates an impression upon others. If you have developed mild wrinkles, then it’s time to apply face masks everyday.
  • Make a paste of fuller’s earth with almond oil. Apply this pack all over your face and let it dry. Rinse with cold milk followed by water.
  • Keeping your skin moisturized is the sole way to get back its natural sheen. Apply fresh cream on your face before going to bed. Leave it overnight and wash with cold water the next day. You can also massage your skin and neck with pulp of coconut mixed with olive oil. This would be a great home remedy to cure dry skin problems.
  • If you can manage time to visit salons and spas, then do not miss any opportunity to get yourself pampered. Go for aromatherapy sessions and other types of complete body care sessions. You can also prepare a concoction of herbal essential oils like sandalwood oil, sunflower oil, rosemary oil, etc. Massage every part of your body with this oil before taking bath. Moisturize yourself with body lotions after taking bath.
  • Apply a good quality sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. Wear glares and carry umbrella for offering maximum protection to your skin. After returning home, cover your face with a cool mixture of sandalwood paste and compress your eyes with fresh cucumber slices. This would help you to get rid of the tan and remove puffiness under eyes.
  • A quick beauty tip for women over 40 also suggests going for regular pedicure and manicure. Soak your feet in warm saline water and scrub your feet and hands mildly with a pumice stone. Shape your nails and file it properly. Pedicure and manicure is essential to retain the feminine appeal in hands and feet. Apply enamel protection gel before coating with nail polish.
  • Your makeup should be relevant with the occasion you are attending. A bold makeup when blended well with matte finish foundation and lip sticks suit evening parties while neutral makeup is much preferred during informal get together and daytime parties. You must always opt for light reflecting foundation to look more natural. Highlight your eyes with black kohl and mascara. Avoid flashy shades for eyes.
  • Hairstyles for women over 40 are ample and you must pick up a style that suits your personality. Women engaged actively in corporate sector opt for short bob hairstyle to look chic and trendy. If you have long hair, you can style it in many different ways that suit you as well as the occasion. No matter what your hairstyle is, you must take care of it. Oil your hair thrice a week followed by rinsing it with a good brand of shampoo. Do not forget to apply a conditioner if your hair is dry.
  • Choose clothing that complements your personality. Don’t dress too young. It is wise not to go with the trend, rather choose dresses that flatter your body and make you look fresh.

Apart from the above tips, make sure to eat a well-balanced diet comprising plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink sufficient water to keep your body hydrated and to cleanse your system naturally. Consumption of alcohol, beverages and addictive habits like smoking tend to snatch away the natural beauty. Therefore, you must eliminate them as much as possible. Last but not the least, I would suggest you to practice yoga, avoid stress and exercise under the guidance of your fitness trainer to maintain yourself even after 40.

Natural Makeup Tips for You

  1. Start with a dirt-free slate

Before putting anything on your face and starting with these natural looking makeup tips, make sure that it is clean and properly exfoliated.  Do this with a mild cleanser and pat when dry to not irritate your skin cells.  You should know that skincare and make-up is a tag team and you should always have the best of both worlds.

    2. Lock in moisture

After cleansing, it is always important to moisturize.  An important natural looking makeup tip is to keep your face looking fresh and with a bright glow instead of dry and flaky.  Use a moisturizer that fits your skin type, so you should know whether you have dry, oily, or natural skin.  Choose the one with high SPF and you would be more than thankful to have known this make-up tip and trick that will keep your face safe from the sun’s harmful rays while at the same time adding that natural tint.

3.  Conceal

Concealers are always a part of the natural looking makeup tips because it can help you hide away the blemishes on your face.  Since skincare and makeup go together, don’t forget to dab lightly only and not to rub as it may cause your face to wrinkle.  Buy yourself a good concealer, preferably the pigmented one and consider which shade fits your complexion the most.  Follow it up with powder if your face gets too oily.

4. Blush and bloom

A natural looking make-up tip when it comes to blushes is to choose shades of light pink and peach.  A lot of experts say that using a cream blush instead of a powder blush is a better make-up tip and trick because it gives you that natural and a faint look of make-up but still keeps the glow alive.

5. Define your eyes

This is the part where the natural looking make-up tips become really handy because you have to be very keen with this procedure in order to maintain that natural look.  First is to make sure you have enough light to see how your face fares with the natural look, use daylight sun for the best effect.  For your eyes, use a brown shade that is slightly darker than your complexion. Brush it on your crease and a little under your lower lids.  Use clean brushes to observe skincare when using make-up.

6. Get kissable lips

The last but not least natural looking make-up tip is putting a dash of color on your lips.  To benefit from one of the most followed make-up tips and tricks is to choose a lip color that is most similar to your lips’ color.  Apply it gently on your lips using your fingertips.

Women are blessed enough to always have a natural glow and power smile, that is why these natural looking make-up tips are just an additional for your facial features to be more defined and enhanced.  You can follow these makeup tips and tricks but always make sure that you always prioritize skincare because makeup never looks good on the damaged skin.  Enjoy the natural and younger look!

Ways to Care for Skin and Stay Fresh When Traveling

As holidays approach, your planner gets occupied with trip itineraries and sticky notes on them suggesting things-to-do. All of us deserve a sun-soaking vacation once a year. After all, it recharges the tired soul, and resuscitates you from the drudgery of the mundane. However, while you are on those exhilarating adventures absorbing those breathtaking views, and being humbled by the beauty and bounty of nature, your skin can have a contrary experience if you do not take proper care.

There are some beauty tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling. Getting a sun-kissed skin is fine, but having a sunburn in the bargain can really make you repent the time at the beach. So, here are some important tips to care of your skin while traveling. Let’s see how the simplest of things can save your skin from the brunt of your adventures.

Use Generous Amount of Sunscreen

Most of us set off on our vacation to come back with a bronze skin, shimmering with the remnants of the golden sun. But did you know that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to premature aging of your skin? Well, yes! So, let’s start packing with a big bottle of sunscreen with a good SPF value. This will give you a good cover from the devilish UV rays, and protect your skin while traveling. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen before stepping out so that it gets some time to soak in.

Get Your Own Makeup Kit

The next thing you need to pack is your own makeup kit. Sharing makeup is a strict no-no. If the person from whom you borrowed the stuff has a skin condition, it can cause skin irritation and possibly rashes too. Pack your kit with the essentials you absolutely cannot do without. If you need to get ready before the plane touches down, remember to pack the essentials in your handbag as per airport authorities’ guidelines.

Cleanser is Very Important

Wearing makeup all day can really ruin your skin health. After all, there is nothing natural about makeup. Additionally, it clogs the skin pores, and prevents the skin pores from breathing. This is the reason why you need to carry a good cleanser to wipe off the makeup at night, and let your skin breathe in the fresh air. If you forget to carry a cleanser, remember, coconut oil is a good cleanser too. All you need to do is massage a generous amount of oil on your face, rub it till all the makeup comes out, and wipe it off with tissues. Later, just wash your face with warm water. This way your skin will get moisturized too.

Use Hydrating Masks to Restore Your Glow

Too much of travel, the heat, and the sun can dehydrate your skin, making it look dull and lifeless. A hydrating mask or a hydrating spray can help restore lost moisture, and is one of the best skin care products to carry on your trip. It helps in refreshing and hydrating your skin, reviving the lost glow, and reducing puffiness.

Always Carry Wet Wipes

No amount of packing is ever justified without a packet of wet wipes. Though hotels and airlines sometimes do provide scented wet wipes, it is advisable to carry your own wipes. These provide a cooling relief, especially when you are traveling in hot and arid places that are dusty. This also saves you the hassle of washing your face every time you feel icy.

Moisturizer is an Absolute Must-have

Moisturizing should be a very important part of your skin care routine while traveling. Intense moisturizers help in hydrating your skin in cold weather and in extreme heat. This will also help to lock the moisture of your skin, and prevent unwanted dehydration. So, do remember to apply a good amount of your regular moisturizer before you hit the bed every night.

Under-eye Cream Can Prevent Puffiness of the Eyes

Irregular sleeping patterns are a given while you are traveling. This causes under-eye puffiness, making you look sick. Thus, you will need your under-eye cream. However, in case you forget this item, place some crushed ice, wrapped in your handkerchief, over your eyes for 30 minutes. As your eyes soak in the coolness, the puffiness will begin to vanish. You can also use tea bags, which are easily available in hotels. Place refrigerated tea bags on your eyes for 15-30 minutes, and wake up with a fresh face.

Use Face and Body Scrub Regularly

Dear backpackers, a face and a body scrub is a must-have on the go. The dust, grime, dirt, and the sheer muck of nomadic traveling can take a serious toll on your skin. Scrub your skin with your regular face and body scrub, and some warm water, to exfoliate it from time to time. This will keep your skin supple, smooth, and glowing at all times for those memorable photographs!

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Amongst all the tips mentioned above, this is the most important one. Staying hydrated and eating well is the only way to keep your skin looking healthy at all times. Traveling involves experimenting with your taste buds, and may involve pushing your tolerance to the extreme. However, do so with a hint of caution. Divide your choices into healthy eating choices, and leave the remainder to experiments of gluttony. Do remember to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration, and to flush out the toxins if any.
Prefer BB Cream Over Foundation
Those of you who cannot stay away from foundation, well, you just need to. However, there is just the right option for you. There are ample BB creams out there, which will suit your skin type and tone. These tinted moisturizers have some sunscreen in them too. Hence, they serve function and fashion at the same time. You can even apply blush and other eye makeup products on this.
These were the ten commandments of skincare while traveling. To avert any kind of skin infections, always keep an all-purpose antiseptic cream handy. Apply it immediately if you deem it necessary. Taking care of your skin is a matter of commitment to living healthy and looking good.